Uniform Exchange and Recycle

Our school council have been working hard to promote a uniform exchange and recycle. 

The stall will be available in the hall on 4th May 2023 for all families to come and help themselves. 

As a school, we always ensure that we have a bank of uniform available should you require it. Please contact Mr McQuade, our school council lead, should you require any help.



All children are expected to be clean, smart and suitably dressed in our uniform, showing that they are part of the The Hilton Lane Family.

School uniform consists of:

  • Black/Dark Grey Skirts or Black/Dark Grey Trousers
  • Navy School Sweatshirts/Jumper/Cardigans (embroidered logo is not necessary)
  • White Polo Shirt
  • Plain dark coloured socks or tights (black or dark grey)
  • Blue and white gingham dresses and shorts are permitted in the summer term
  • Black school shoes or COMPLETELY black trainers. Any inappropriate footwear, e.g. colourful sports brandings, will be replaced with spare school pumps until suitable footwear can be sourced.

All uniform should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

We no longer have a supplier of uniform with our logo on. This is in-line with our efforts to keep the cost of uniform to a minimum.

Our wonderful school council arrange second hand uniform exchanges where you can get free and recycled uniform for your children.


  • Black PE pumps
  • White plain t-shirt
  • Navy shorts

Branded sportswear is not permitted, children will be provided with spare PE kit should their kit not be the expected standard.

PE bags should be drawstring bags due to restricted space – large backpacks are not permitted. PE kit should be brought in at the beginning of half term and remain in school until the end of each half term, this prevents kit going back and forth and being forgotten.



We are very aware of how important it is to protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun. Many forms of serious types of skin cancer can be traced to burning in young children. To help protect your child please provide them with a sun hat on hot days, sun cream must be applied before school and sent in for children to top themselves up where necessary and a refillable water bottle is essential.



No jewellery is allowed in school apart from watches and stud earrings. We would also ask that headbands and other hair accessories are small, neat and sensible for a busy day at school.

We understand that some jewellery may have a special religious meaning, however this does still pose a health and safety risk in school and is not advised. Should parents/carers insist that the jewellery needs to remain on (usually necklaces or bracelets) then they do so in the knowledge that school hold no responsibility for it and they are allowing it to be worn in school against our health and safety advice. Any loss, damage or accident is not our responsibility.

Shapes shaved into hair as part of a hairstyle are also not appropriate for school. Nor is brightly coloured hair dye.

There should be no make-up (including nail polish) or visible tattoos (even temporary ones) on school days. Nail varnish remover will be provided where necessary and children wearing make up with be directed to wash their faces.


Free Uniform Shop

Find out more about our School Council run free uniform shop: Free Uniform Shop