At Hilton Lane we encourage children to enjoy a healthy school lunch and, in line with current government policy, all children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal. 

school meal Ordering System - My Evolve Hub

Every child in the school will need to have an account set up, regardless of whether they are on free/paid meals or packed lunches.

Your child will have a unique code that is linked to their name, if your child hasn't brought one of these home to enable you to register for an account, please contact the school office.

Once you have set up an account, you will be able to log in to your account My Evolve Hub  and order the meals for your child. It may be a lovely idea to sit with your child and let them help you to choose the meals that they would like to try. We think this is a better way for you to be able to see what your child is eating in school each day and also your child will receive the food that they like to eat rather than a default dinner of jacket potato or cheese sandwich.

Once you have ordered all meals that you would like and added them all to the basket, do not forget to then head to the basket by clicking on it and then scroll down and process the basket. If you do not process the basket the meal orders will not go through. To process the basket, you scroll down to the bottom of all your orders and click process basket. If you pay for school meals (applicable to years 3 to 6 unless you are entitled to free school meals), then payment is required at the point of order / process. It is a pay as you go system. If you do not pay, the order will not go through. After you have clicked process basket, wait for the page to refresh, then click on the home button. Your basket should now say ‘0’ as all orders will have been processed.

You can also keep your child's dietary requirements up to date.

If your child is going to be absent you will need to log into the account and cancel the meal that has been ordered for that day, even if your child receives free school meals, please still cancel the meal before 10am as the meal will be wasted if it isn't cancelled.  

You will also need to let the office know if you are changing your child's dinner requirements from packed lunches to school meals or from school meals to packed lunches.

If you have any problems setting the account up or keeping the account up to date then please email them a message or leave your contact telephone number and somebody will get back to you -


Packed lunches 

As a healthy school we insist that children bring in healthy packed lunches. Fizzy drinks chocolate should not be included. The key to a healthy lunchbox is to include a balance of appropriate foods from the four main food groups:

-Breads and cereals 
-Fruit and vegetables 
-Meat and alternatives 
-Milk and dairy products 

Foods in the fifth food group, containing fat and sugar, should be eaten in moderation. A packed lunch should provide a range of important nutrients for children. Including a wide variety of foods in a lunchbox will provide this range of nutrients and prevent children becoming bored with the same foods. Most importantly, children should look forward to and enjoy their packed lunch in school.  
For healthy packed lunch ideas follow this link to the NHS website 


If your child wishes to change from dinners to packed lunches or vice versa please speak to the school office.