Support for Families

Family Liaison Officer and Learning Mentor

The Hilton Lane Family are just that, a family. There are always times when we need a little extra help and support and we will be there wherever we can. 

Should you require any advice or guidance please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Family Liaison Officer and Learning Mentor can support you in a variety of different ways including:


  • Early help assessments
  • Food bank referrals
  • Parenting courses and advice
  • Support with housing 
  • Support with school attendance 
  • etc 


Magic Breakfast 

To ease any financial burdens, all children are entitled to a free breakfast when they arrive at school. 

‘Magic Breakfast’ ensures that every child has access to a healthy breakfast each day. This does come at a small cost to school, but this is something that we feel strongly about investing in for your children, because hungry children can’t learn.  


The Food Shed

I am very proud to share that, thanks to our outstanding Learning Mentor, and the kind donations from staff, Hilton Lane have started a small ‘food shed’ for families in emergency situations. If you need support from our foodbank, please don’t hesitate to contact us, all requests will be treated sensitively and confidentially.


Place2Be Parenting Practitioner

The Hilton Lane Family are supported by Place2Be and have a dedicated Family Practitioner who can offer specialist advice for parents and carers and signpost to other local support services.

The Family Practitioner will work in partnership with you to help:

  • strengthen your family relationships
  • build on your confidence and skills, especially with managing behaviour of concern.

Your child does not have to be receiving support from Place2Be to access the Family Practitioner services.


Opportunities for Parents/Carers

For further information on courses and training to support you as parents/carers, please follow this link: Being a Parent - Salford Early Help Offer