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September 2020

Some information about what happens when a bubble is isolating

On Friday we had to send a class of children home to isolate for the first time. When we talk about children isolating we mean exactly the same as we do when we are talking about adults. Children must stay away from others as far as possible to prevent the spread of disease in case they have been infected. Obviously we hope that they will not become ill but we cannot assume they will stay well.

Can my child come with me to drop off other children?

Children isolating should not be present around the school site if you are picking up and dropping off other children. 

Will my child be set work?

Yes. At present all children will be sent home with a work pack and the teacher will be guiding learning every day via Dojo. We hope to provide internet devices later in the school year for all children in a bubble who are sent home. This depends on us being allocated them by the Department for Education. When this happens your child’s school day will run as normal- they will be taught by the teacher across the internet. This is why I sent a letter last week to check that everyone could access Wi-fi at home.

Does my child have to do the work set when they are at home?

Yes. We are required by the government to make sure every child’s learning continues every day. This means we will contact parents whose children have not engaged with their home learning to help sort out any problems and make it easier for the work to be completed. This applies to all children from Nursery to Year 6.

Children have already missed too much time in school and we have to make the situation for them better not worse. Your child's education is our absolute priority.

 Mrs Birrell