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Hilton Lane Primary School

Aiming High Together

Year 1

Year 1 have had a super start to the summer term! We have been weighing objects in maths and have been comparing the weight of objects using the vocabulary 'lighter' and 'heavier.' In science we have been learning about the parts of a plant. We planted our own poppy seeds and cress seeds and we check them every day to observe any changes. At playtime we have enjoyed playing in the sunshine and using chalks to draw, write and explore shadows. 

At the end of last half term we completed our DT unit 'Moving Pictures.' We used sliders to make an object move in a scene.

Well Being Wednesday In Year 1

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

This half term Year 1 read their first English text, Bog Baby. We had lots of fun creating story maps to retell the story. We even made our own Bog Baby! In art we learnt how different colours can be used to show emotions. We sketched a range of self portraits and used colour on one of them to show how we were feeling. Throughout the term we have noted the changes that have happened in our environment. We enjoyed looking for signs of autumn and cracked open acorns to see what was inside. We talked about conkers and how they are protected by their hard, spiky shell. In November we made our own poppies to display in the window and learnt about Remembrance.